Awareness and responsibility for sustainable development approaches Ensure that the company develops its economy according to the interests of society, environment, and stakeholders. Promote responsible operation in the enterprise value chain.

Target and Performance

Income from product sales
Million Baht
Target 2024 4,000 Million Baht
Selection of purchasing partners Outsourcing with local vendors and/or contractors
(within the province)
Target 2024 > 90%
Corporate governance assessment
Target 2024 Excellent
Customer satisfaction
Target 2024 > 95%
Complaints or disputes about the infringement of other people's property
Target 2024 None
Complaints or disputes about unfair competition
Target 2024 None


The company is in the process of joining as a member of Thailand's Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) under the Thai Institute of Directors Association (Thai IOD).

Anti-Corruption Policy

Whistleblowing or complaints

The Company has designated the Company’s executives to be the persons who directly receive the reporting, and has set up a joint council to investigate the truths fairly. It has also implemented the policy to have the efficient internal control system as well as transparent and verifiable reporting, so the reporters can rely on and feel confident in the process of fair investigation process.

Whistleblowing Policy

Conflicts of Interest

The company ensures the best interests of the company when conducting its business activities. The company has set up preventive measures to prevent conflicts of interest arising from the connected transactions between the company and the persons who may have conflicts. The persons who are related or connected with the considered transactions must notify the company of such relationship or affiliation.

Risk Management

The Company realizes the importance of risk management and believes that risk management is the basis for helping the Company to achieve its business goals by identifying and managing risks, which will help the Company to make better decisions.

Risk Management Policy

Tax Policy

This policy has been established for the internal use of the company and its affiliated entities, serving as a guiding framework for tax management. It encompasses thorough risk assessment and meticulous tax planning, ensuring compliance with legal mandates and adhering to uniform directives and methodologies across the corporate group. The overarching objective is to maximize the benefits for stakeholders while concurrently enhancing the organization's reputation and fostering sustainability, both within the company group and at the national level.

Tax Policy

Policy for selection of vendors/contractors

This policy is intended to guide the Company's procurement operations. with the seller and/or the contractor to go smoothly This covers the prevention of business risks arising from legal issues. Articles of Association and related requirements of the company and subsidiaries, partners (suppliers).

Policy for selection of vendors/contractors

Innovation in Business Processes

The company places great importance on and actively promotes innovation both within and outside the organization. This includes process innovation developed by the research and development team, as well as a focus on product and manufacturing innovation. Additionally, the company encourages collaborative innovation with other relevant external organizations.

Step 1
Product Development
The company's objective is to enhance and broaden the scope of water filtration within the RO (Reverse Osmosis) system to cater to the escalating demands of customers with consistently rising drinking water consumption rates.
Step 2
Process Development
The company has optimized its operational procedures with the dual objectives of enhancing convenience by reducing work hours and promoting environmental considerations through the adoption of diverse technologies.