The Company attaches importance to and is committed to doing its business that is environmentally friendly and focuses on the efficient use of resources.

The Company continuously develops production processes to prevent and mitigate negative impacts. This includes raising environmental awareness and ensuring social responsibility for its personnel such as managing waste from employees' consumables or when building additions or annexes of office equipment.

Target and Performance

Waste volume
10% discount compared to the base year (2022)
Million Baht
6% discount compared the base year (2022)
Million Baht
6% discount compared the base year (2022)
Water recycling and reuse
20% discount compared the base year (2022)
Recycled spare parts can be reused as second-hand products
discount compared 5% the base year (2022)
Reduce the use of consumables.
discount compared 10% the base year (2022)

Resource Management

the Company encourages directors, the management, and employees at all levels to use resources in efficient, appropriate, and sufficient manner for the maximum benefit.

Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy

Environmental Management Plan

Step 1
Effectively manage the generated waste without causing pollution or negative impact on the environment. Or minimize the negative impact through effective waste management (such as waste classification).
Step 2
System data recording and regular evaluation, such as waste volume data collection Recycle the water in the production process to plan for improvement, reduce negative impact or pollution and improve efficiency.
Step 3
Comply with environmental regulations and reduce environmental complaints from the company's operations.
Step 4
Educate employees at all levels Including stakeholders to understand, awareness and consciousness in the use of natural resources and energy, including reducing the impact that will occur on the environment.
Step 5
Expanding the responsibility network to cover partners, manufacturers, raw material suppliers, customers, society, or all stakeholders with the business, namely, throughout the supply chain, to conduct business in an environmentally friendly manner as well.