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Sabuy Connext Tech Public Company Limited

A true leader in driving innovation in water purification technology for Thai people.

Global water shortage crisis and limited access to clean water, affecting the well-being of millions, is the main focus of sustainable development. Water is the lifeblood of our planet, essential for sustaining life and individuals is essential to ensure a sustainable and equitable future where access to clean and safe water is guaranteed for all.


Drinking Water Filter
Water Filter for Use
Water Dispenser (Floor-Standing)
Ice (Commercial)
Coin-Operated Water Dispenser
Leading innovation of alkaline mineral water filters
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RO Beyond
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The Ices Expert
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International Quality Standard

Global Standard
Materials and filters imported from abroad meet international standards.
Service Center Coverage
There are more than 30 branches spread throughout the country.
After Sales Excellent
On-Site Service and Call Center 1210
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