Smart Home (IOT)

Smart Home Internet of Things (IOT)

All SAFE products can be connected via MeID application

Smart home IOT technology of SAFE offers convenience, energy savings, enhanced security, and customization for homeowners. All SAFE product’s names followed by the letter I will be Smart Home Internet of Things.

Notification System
Providing informative alerts to users in advance of a specific event or action
Quick and Easy
All time convenience and accessibility via application
Personal Assist
Artificial Intelligence (AI) assists in solving a wide range of basic problems

IOT Ecosystem

Water Purify
  • Filter replacement notification
  • Filtration system alert
  • Warranty terms and condition information
Water Treatment
  • Flushing filter alert
  • Salt refilled notification
  • TDS
  • Flushing command via application
  • Filter replacement notification
Water Heater
  • Temperature and power control via application
  • Water/ electricity consumption indicator
Air Purify
  • 4 layer-filter HEPA 13
  • Realtime digital screen
  • Aroma freshener
  • Volatile compounds indicator
Ice Maker + Solar
  • Power control via application
  • Electricity consumption indicator
  • Scheduling function
  • Full ice tank alert

Products Highlights