The year 2022 is a major change of Sabuy Connext Tech Public Company Limited in May SABUY Technology Public Company Limited SABUY acquired shares of the Company as a strategic shareholder

Which is considered an opportunity for the Company’s significant business expansion. SABUY is a Company specializing in technology, creating a comprehensive business platform by connecting all dimensions of technology to enable consumers overcome the limits of their potential and different lifestyles.

Performance in 2022, the Group had total revenue of 1,387 million Baht, a decrease of 18% from the previous year, mainly due to a decrease in sales revenue from a decrease in the number of direct sale teams. However, due to effective cost management and business improvements according to SABUY’s operational plan, the company’s net profit was 72 million Baht, or an increase of 132%

In order for the business to grow exponentially, the Company has changed its strategy and operating plan under TSR Reinvention with significant changes in 4 aspects:

  1. Water: Water treatment expertise is the core business of the Company as a market leader in drinking water purification.
  2. Channel: Plans to expand customer groups through MLM, OEM, Modern trade and a variety of other channels.
  3. Smart home: Smart home-related product expansion plan.
  4. Financial services: Supports a variety of loan types for opportunities to reach more customers.
SABUY CONNEXT TECH has prepared for business expansion in 2023, which is considered a very challenging year
such as the restructuring of the sales team, adding products, sales channel expansion, and marketing to make consumers aware of the brand and the quality of the Company’s products

Another important supporting factor for expanding the Company’s business is that SABUY has its own ecosystem, with diverse businesses and sales teams, enabling the Company to reach a wider range of target groups and customers.

In September, the Board of Directors and executives announced a new vision and mission to drive the organization toward new objectives and goals for shareholders, employees, partners, and customers. The vision is like a scripture that leads the organization to achieve its goals and success in the future with sustainable growth.

The new vision is set out as follows: Be empower life’s quality for everyone with more accessible.

The new mission is set out as follows: Deliver more smart home life technology and electronic products, with the most cost-effective financial plan to enhance the quality of life.

The Company has been assessed on corporate governance of Thai Listed Companies Association for the year 2022 at an excellent level for 4 consecutive years from the Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD), achieved a full score of 100 for 4 consecutive years from the AGM Checklist quality assessment conducted by the Thai Investors Association, ensuring that the Company conducts its business with transparency and good governance in accordance with good corporate governance principles.

Finally, the Board of Directors, executives, and employees appreciate your continued support. We are committed to conducting business with ethical principles, good governance, social and environmental responsibility to achieve development and maximize benefits for stakeholders and all related parties sustainably and consistently.

Mr. Sahas Treetipbut

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mr. Kittipol Thanasit

Chief Executive Officer